Lincoln City Youth League

Coach’s Code of Conduct


By signing the following, you acknowledge as a Coach or Assistant of L.C.Y.L. you will: (please initial on the lines)


  • Enthusiastically support and practice the philosophies of positive coaching, good sportsmanship, and everyone plays. _______
  • Respect the game and know the rules. Be on time to practices and games, or be sure your assistant is.  You are setting the example for your parents and players to follow. ______
  • Insist that your players abide by the rules of the game and follow all rules pertaining to safety also. ______
  • Strive to teach your players the fundamentals of baseball in a positive and encouraging manner and reinforce those fundamentals throughout the season. _______
  • Show respect for the calls made by all umpires. If you have a disagreement, you will approach the umpire in a quiet and respectful manner at the proper time. _______
  • Ensure that your players and coaches show respect for your opponents, regardless of the outcome of the game. ______
  • Never yell at or ridicule a player. If you have an issue with them, you will bring it up in private and take appropriate action to resolve the problem. ______
  • Collaborate actively and respectfully with the coaches on the other team before, during and after the game. ______
  • Remember that you are a youth coach and baseball/softball is a game. The game should be fun for players and spectators. ______
  • Insist on a drug, alcohol, and tobacco free sports environment for all participants and set a good example by refraining from their use at all L.C.Y.L. games, practices and events. ______
  • Insist on a no tolerance policy for foul language at all your team functions. ______
  • Remember, your team is a direct reflection of you, their coach. Your player’s parents are trusting you with their child for the duration of this season.  They should be able to look back on this season with positive memories. _____

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